Blog Reviews: Week Of Grant Achatz Winning The Beard Award!!!


• Above-ground underground tasting menu at Bonsoiree keeps ‘em coming back for more, Saturday after Saturday [TastyBeat]

• Everyone who’s gone to graham elliot, which has only been open a week and a half or so at this point, has raved (or at least mostly raved). We’re excited to see who has the first formal review [Chicagoist]

• In the summer, it’s hard to turn down one of Karyn’s Raw sandwiches; they’re the right temperature, the vegetables are fresh, and they’ll wash down all that BBQ you’ve been inhaling [Chicagoist]

• What do you make of Kuma’s Corner’s foie gras burger that comes with a donation to MADD? Also, this reviewer thought the fries were a little overseasoned [Drive-Thru]

• The classic American bar food at Midtown Kitchen + Bar isn’t very good, but it beats the service by some distance [Gastronomic Bypass]

• At Shaw’s Crab House, portions are generous, flavors are solid but bold, and the service is classy [Gastronomic Bypass]

• Another whole-hearted endorsement of Take Me Out’s super-spicy Asian hot wings [Chicagoist]

[Photo: Grant Achatz wins!!! via AP]