Beer Costs Force Barkeeps to Become Budweiser Misers

These suds are for you.iStockphoto
Back in April, the Post informed us that global warming had made it harder to grow hops, threatening to raise the prices of beer. According to The Wall Street Journal, some bars have been cutting costs by upping the foam quotient and using “pint” glasses that are 2 ounces smaller than the usual 16 (we, for one, refuse to settle for anything less than the 19.2-ounce imperial pint that’s obligatory in the U.K.). The obvious solution here is to ask the bartender to drop a shot of cheap tequila in your pint, but many bartenders refuse to do that — there’s no way to win! Perhaps we can shame skimping barkeeps. If you’ve seen “profit pours” at your local, let us know in the comments.