A First Look at the Gallery, Opening This Saturday

The Gallery, the South Bronx lounge that promises to “redefine nightlife,” will now be open from Tuesday through Saturday. (Operators, please stop it with this phrase — at this point, nightlife has been "redefined" more often than the definitions of torture and pornography.) John Fathom will run the venue as an art gallery, and musicians Salese and Mikey Eyes will oversee the post–5 p.m. lounge. Their objective is to bring South Beach to the South Bronx, and by the looks of the ladies on their MySpace page, which include *I'm M@Gic@lly D3LiciOus* and $$$$$ Bunny $$$$$, they ain’t foolin’. The menu will consist of bruschetta, a crab tostada, panini, and sushi rolls such as a “spicy hand job.” Yes, they went there.

The Gallery, 26 Bruckner Blvd., nr. Alexander Ave., Mott Haven, Bronx; 718-402-1400, thegallerybx.com

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