A First Look at Julie Reiner’s Clover Club

Keep your feet off the divan.
Keep your feet off the divan. Photo: Zach Desart

To tide you over till it opens on Wednesday, here’s a peek inside of Clover Club, the new Julie Reiner project in Cobble Hill. We’re not sure whether it resembles the twenties literary hangout in Philly that it was named after, but the press release promises “tin ceilings, lanterns, mosaic tiles, dark mahogany wood, antique sconces, and luxe wallpaper,” plus windows that open onto Smith Street. The 1890s mahogany bar was broken in by the thirsty coal miners of Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania. To top it all off, there’s a 30-person private parlor with a marble fireplace in which drinks — including old Flatiron Lounge favorites, as well as those off of the Clover’s cocktail menu — will be served using vintage glassware from Reiner’s own collection. There’s a private party tonight: You have about one business hour left to beg your way onto the list.

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