A Eulogy for the Tasting Room

Maybe, instead of a bun, I could use these. Photo: Melissa Hom

Colin Alevras has admitted (via an Eater comment thread) that the Nolita version of the Tasting Room is closed forever and the time has come for a proper eulogy. Celia Cheng, in her excellent Cravings blog, pays an eloquent tribute to the restaurant today. “When I received news that the Tasting Room had served its last meal this past Saturday, I felt like a friend had just passed,” writes Cheng. “I was not alone in feeling this way, as TTR’s team has amassed a devoted and loyal following. The restaurant was a symbol for community. It had warmth and integrity.” Alevras's fans can take comfort in the fact that the original, East 1st Street location, now a wine bar, will remain open.

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