East Side Vendor Owes City Thousands; Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Everywhere

• For those who hate paying the markup on wines at restaurants, Country is offering bottles at wholesale prices on Monday, meaning you can pay $150 for a selection that would normally sell for $500. [Zagat Buzz]

• Dieting to lose weight is as simple as wearing blue-tinted sunglasses all the time! [Mouthing Off/ Food & Wine]

• Omega-3 fatty acids are being thrown into all kinds of manufactured foods now, from cheese sticks to pasta to mayonnaise. [NYDN]

• Antonios Dragonas, an Upper East Side street vendor with a loyal following, has 42 violations that require him to pay the city $16,865. [NYT]

• The Chick-fil-A–inspired Southern Style Chicken Sandwich at McDonald’s will probably be a very successful item, as is usually the case when one fast-food chain steals ideas from another. [NYT]