Williamsburg and Bushwick Declared City’s Fattest Neighborhoods

And more vegetables!
And more vegetables!Photo: iStockphoto

If we had to take a guess as to what was the fattest neighborhood in New York, it would never have been Williamsburg in a million years. But that’s the case, according to the Daily News. (Bushwick, a likelier bet, shares the honor.) About 30 percent of adults in both neighborhoods are “unhealthily overweight,” according to a study; both neighborhoods also feature the most vegetable-free diets, as you might expect. Brooklyn swept the survey’s top obesity rates; the runners-up were Canarsie/Flatlands, Bedford-Stuyvesant/Crown Heights, and Flatbush. Borough president Marty Markowitz wasn’t interviewed for the story; presumably, he was at Junior’s, having some cheesecake.

Brooklyn hipster nabe Williamsburg not so hip to healthy eating, report says [NYDN]