Wild Edibles Starts Picketing Back

daniel gross

Daniel Gross doesn't like Starbucks.Photo: AP

After almost a year of being picketed by grassroots group Brandworkers, Wild Edibles went on the offensive a few weeks ago by handing out leaflets outside of organizer Daniel Grosss West Side apartment. The seafood distributors honcho, Richard Martin, says hes merely giving Gross a taste of his own medicine when Brandworkers protested outside of Danny Meyers apartment, the Union Square Hospitality Group dropped Wild Edibles. (Keith McNally cut ties to Wild Edibles, too, but Martin claims he did so only to prevent Brandworkers from picketing an SNL party at Pastis.)

With these incidents in mind, Martin and a few others distributed leaflets to Grosss neighbors informing them that Brandworkers is a union-organization group, not the nonprofit it claims to be. The tactic has resulted in a two-week truce, but negotiations arent going well. Brandworkers wants Martin to rehire terminated workers at salaries he considers are so ridiculous, its insane. The peace may not last, Martin tells us. Unfortunately, its just going to get worse. En garde!

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