Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Returns to the Blogosphere

Everyone is talking about former Gawker editor Emily Gould’s overshares (in her review of Queen’s Hideaway, she facetiously congratulated the owner for “giving a fat Puerto Rican teenager a job”), but if there’s one blogger who really put his foot in his mouth, it was John Mackey. You’ll remember the Whole Foods CEO triggered an SEC investigation when he was accused of sabotaging the stock of his competitor Wild Oats (Whole Foods went on to buy the company) by posting anonymously on a Yahoo bulletin board. Now that the SEC has cleared him, Mackey is back to justify his doings, and his arguments are as follows: His comments about Wild Oats made up very few of his 1,400 posts over an eight-year period; competition is only natural; he wasn’t used to being a public figure, and so made an error in judgment (not an ethical error); and anonymous comments don’t have an effect on stock prices (he ignores one comment in which he wrote, “Well if you really believe I’m John Mackey you should probably pay more attention to what I say on this board. I would be the ultimate Whole Foods Insider!”). Finally, Mackey concludes his entry by asking for a price check in aisle five.

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