West Coast Wolfgangs Turn on Each Other

This man is either Wolfgang Puck or
This man is either Wolfgang Puck or Photo: Getty Images

Thought the Patsy’s-vs.-Patsy’s lawsuit was absurd? This one is good stuff — Wolfgang Zwiener, the Peter Luger vet who opened a couple of places here and then one in Hollywood, is being sued not by Luger (whose brand he certainly capitalized on) but by Wolfgang Puck, who owns two restaurants, Spago and Cut (the latter a steakhouse), near him in Hollywood. Puck claims Zwiener is violating an agreement to minimize brand confusion if he ever opened a Wolfgang’s Steakhouse outside of New York — the minimalist tagline, “by Wolfgang Zwiener,” is apparently insufficient. But why get lawyers involved when tourists can just use a mnemonic device? Zwiener rhymes with wiener — Puck rhymes with…

Wolfgang Puck Lawsuit: Yummy! [Variety]