Vegansexual Takes Locavorism to a New Level

Is that a carrot or is he just
Is that a carrot or is he just Photo: Discerning Brute

We’ve seen vegetable sensuality before, and people have gotten near-naked with food for us, but this is ridiculous — Joshua Katcher, the “vegansexual” behind the Discerning Brute (typical entry: Katcher is appalled that Fiore doesn’t have vegan options and doesn’t want to add portobellos to the menu), takes it all off for Time Out’s “horny issue” this week. His props? Vegetables from the Greenmarket! Quoth Katcher: “Yes, that’s a local, organic beet leaf on my balls.” Could this be the moment in which locavorism jumps the shark?

DB Gets Naked in Time Out New York [Discerning Brute]