U.S. Pizza Team’s ‘Dough Acrobats’ Coming to Town

Williamsburg’s Air Pizza has closed, and we’ll miss its logo of a chef slam-dunking a pie. Turns out “dough acrobats” aren’t just the stuff of hilarious signage— there actually is a U.S. Pizza Team, the pie-slinging equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters, and they’re on tour. A press release tells us to expect “pizza athletes performing jumps, flips, rolls and passes while keeping their dough spinning and often accompanied by music, costumes and theatrical props.” From May 24 to May 26 in Little Italy, the team’s fifteen members will be showing off the chops that have won them titles like Best Pizza Maker, Largest Dough Stretch, Best Freestyle Dough Tosser, and Fastest Pizza Maker. The above video of trainer Chris Green is easily the craziest thing we’ve seen since those dudes who jump into each other’s jeans.

U.S. Pizza Team Announces U.S. Tour Schedule [NY NewsWire]