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‘The Sopranos Are Coming! The Sopranos Are Coming!’ to Elementi

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Probably canceling his resy right about now.Getty Images

As often as publicists tout celebrity stop ins after the fact, this has to be the first time we’ve been clued in ahead of time.
WHY IS PARK SLOPE's ELEMENTI RESTAURANT BECOMING SUCH A STAR-SIGHTING SPOT? Tomorrow night, ROBERT FUNARO, from The Sopranos (Eugene Pontecorvo, who hanged himself in the next-to-last season opener) will be going to ELEMENTI, the Pan-Italian spot in Park Slope. Next week, look for STEVE BUSCEMI, and, another Soprano-STEVE SCHIRRIPA to be on-hand. Also, Brooklyn Heights-resident PAUL GIAMMATI [sic] will be there too. Is it the location? The wonderful food by ex-Hotel Hasseler chef Camillo Bassani ... or, is it something else?
We're working on getting the exact times of their reservations, but, in the meantime, Sopranos stalkers, you’ve been advised.

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