The $175 Kobe Burger; Black Truffles in Trouble

In the latest development in ridiculously priced food, Wall Street Burger Shoppe has introduced a $175 Kobe burger that comes topped with what else? truffles, foie gras, and gold. [NYDN]

The U.S. Agriculture Department raised its food-inflation forecast for the third consecutive month; if the figure rises again next month, it could match inflation in 1990. [WSJ]

Ililis chef-owner, Philippe Massoud, may listen to disco when the mood is right, but he doesnt allow any music to be played in the kitchen of his restaurant. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Black truffles are increasingly under threat from climate change, so dont expect those prices to drop in future years. [Reuters]

Stressed-out monkeys enjoy eating junk food just as much as stressed-out humans do. [NYT]

Del Postos new pastry chef is a self-described dessert psycho. [Strong Buzz]

Not only is Crazy Legs Conti a competitive eater, but hes also the purchasing director for the Penthouse Executive Club. [Midtown Lunch]

Eating raw vegetables is not always as nutritious as eating them cooked. [NYT]