Starbucks Courts Hipsters With Sonic Youth Mix Tape

Starbucks Youth.Photo: WireImage
Coffee shops, kind of like bars, are morally obligated to have awesome music — that’s why we’re no huge fan of Cocoa Bar, which to this day still plays Dave Matthews Band. But we have to hand it to Starbucks (yes, we’re complimenting Starbucks). In an obvious ploy to woo hipsters, they asked indie darlings like David Cross, Chloë Sevigny, Dave Eggers, and Beck to pick their favorite songs by Sonic Youth — you know, pretty much the best band ever — for a compilation CD that will be sold only at the ‘Bucks. If the chain shows this much good taste in those new bevies it’s about to launch, we’ll be sipping them every day.

The SONIC YOUTH Starbucks tracklist (curated by Radiohead, David Cross, Beck, Eddie Vedder, Flaming Lips…) [Brooklyn Vegan]