Seymour Burton to Introduce Late-Night Menu for East Village Boozers

This  window will open late, and feed you.
This window will open late, and feed you. Photo: Jeremy Liebman

The math isn’t very complicated: Seymour Burton is an East Village restaurant that wants more business. The streets of the East Village are filled with drunks at night. So why not supply those drunks with first-class snacks, sandwiches, and ice cream? “All those drunken revelers need to be fed, and we’re the ones to do it,” says chef Josh Shuffman, whose limited late-night menu will feature the restaurant’s signature burgers. (The menu hasn’t been completed yet, but will likely also include some of the sandwiches on the place’s standard dinner menu.) Beginning June 13, revelers can order via a window counter from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Shuffman is giving away free ice cream on June 13, so get there early. Judging by the crowds we see milling about on Avenue B, it won’t last long.

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