Get Your $95 Beer in Brooklyn; Molecular Gastronomy Becoming More Expensive?

The Moderns wine list now has prices in euros, as well as dollars, but they dont accept the foreign currencyyet. [Dr. Vino]

Brooklyns Beer Table sells seventeen-ounce bottles of a rare Italian beer for $95 a pop. [NYDN]

Fast-food chains around the country dont need to worry about protecting their cash registers from burglars, since its the fryer grease theyre after these days. [NYT]

Dow Chemical prices are going up 20 percent. Will the molecular gastronomists of the world have to adjust their prices accordingly? [Life Vicarious]

After San Domenico closes in June, it will reopen either in January, March, or April of 2009. [Forked/GQ]

It's a double free-food day in midtown, with both Golden Krust and Pret a Manger offering complementary snacks. [Midtown Lunch]