Santos' Party House Actually Houses a Party

santas sign

This means you.Jason Wishnow

We got late word yesterday that Andrew W.K.’s club Santa’s Party House a.k.a. 100 Lafayette a.k.a. (and ultimately named) Santos’ Party House was soft-opening with a party featuring D.J.'s Lee Douglas, Alex from Tokyo, and Spun. We won’t share whatever video footage we may have taken because as you can see here, absolutely no photography is allowed, but know this: Though the downstairs isn’t quite as spacious as we had imagined it after three years of construction (décor equals disco balls), it’s a long overdue throwback to the days of bare-bones box clubs (think Shelter at Hubert Street), and a godsend for anyone who has ever danced in the basement of 205 thinking the experience could benefit from a little more space and a much sicker sound system. Drinks at the basic bar were $8. D.J.'s casing the joint last night included Prince Language, Tommie Sunshine, and A Touch of Class— expect the nightly lineup to follow suit. The upstairs, according to A.W.K. himself, is opening soon — till then it’s time to shut up and dance.

Santos' Party House, 100 Lafayette St., nr. Walker St.;