Red Hook Vendors Coming to Brooklyn Flea

After securing their place in the Red Hook ball fields for another six years, the Red Hook vendors are delving into Brooklyn brand extension! As of next Sunday, look for some vendors at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, which already offers a great mix of eats (Cuban sandwiches! Organic ice cream! Hot bread!) along with the vintage furnishings and hipster crafts. Find at first a simple fruit-and-vegetable stand with grilled corn, watermelon, and the like, then in future Sundays expect Red Hook favorites like huaraches and pupusas. “We’re kind of freaking out that our market is now sharing in one of the most wonderful, authentic food institutions in our city,” says Eric Demby, who coordinates vendors for the Flea. Cesar Fuentes, point man for the Red Hook vendors, says he considers the expansion “a very interesting experiment.” The vendors will hit the ball fields the first weekend in June, but get your fix in Fort Greene till then, says Fuentes. “We’re feeling the love of the people.” —Tim Murphy