Purse Snatcher Strikes Terror in Heart of Times Square Diners

The culprit uses his ill-gotten booty to play unlimited Skee-Ball at ESPN Zone.Photo illustration: Getty Images, iStockphotoWe’ve poked fun at Bar Carrera’s intrusive “beware of pickpockets” signage, but the Post reminds us they do exist: A “well-dressed, well-coiffed daytime purse-snatcher” (a.k.a. the “dapper dipper”) has pinched purses off the chairs of Times Square restaurants such as Red Lobster, Spanky’s BBQ, and the Hard Rock Café. He’s struck so many times that cops consider him a “one-man army,” so keep an eye out next time you’re deep into that bottomless margarita.

Lunch Crowd Bandit [NYP]