Prime Upstages 1 Oak by Offering Lindsay Lohan $11K

John “JE” Englebert has always had one of the most ham-handed PR strategies in clubland — the self-appointed “nightlife lord” once asked us to broadcast the fact that Flavor Flav didn’t show up to host a party at one of his clubs. But this, via Gawker, really takes the cake: In a ploy to ride the publicity coattails of 1 Oak, where Lindsay Lohan is said to have taken someone else’s fur coat, he’s offering to take LiLo on a $11,000 shopping spree. This is a little bit Pretty Woman if you ask us, but while we’re talking about JE, we should probably let you know his West 28th Street club Retox has been renamed Prime. Oh, look, the publicity gambit worked.

After Stealing a Fur Coat, Lindsay Lohan Is Rewarded With Another One [Gawker]

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