Opinionated About Dining Unleashes ‘Most Overrated’ List


The collective gastronomes who supply the reviews for Steve Plotnicki’s emergent Opinionated About dining-guide empire are nothing if not snippy; all you have to do is check out the new “Most Overrated Restaurants” list currently on the book’s Website. The top dishonors go to One if by Land, Two if by Sea, but the meanest comments are reserved for Il Mulino (“It has turned into an expensive, modern-day Mama Leone’s with a true turn towards the tourist”), JoJo (“Once the gleam of [Jean-Georges’s] eye, now the bastard son at the family reunion”), and Del Posto (“I pity the poor investors who funded this $12-million abomination.”). If this kind of thing appeals to you, the full Opinionated About dining guide itself is now available online, albeit in flipbook form.

Most Overrated Restaurants 2008 [Opinionated About]