More Meat-Plant Trouble; Marco Pierre White Can Live Without the Molecules

• Another meat plant is the subject of a federal investigation now, but in this case it’s because of the illegal immigrants working there, not the abused animals. [NYT]

• Fancy-pants Gordon Ramsay was seen speaking fluent French when he stopped into Benoit. [NYDN]

• Gordo also thinks that restaurants using out-of-season produce that is not grown locally should be fined. [Reuters]

• If you think about food while you eat it and savor every bite, you’re likely to eat far less than you would if you were just focused on shoveling the next bite into your piehole. [WSJ]

• Arianna Huffington dreams of getting on a plane and getting a bite to eat in Venice. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Marco Pierre White is not a fan of molecular gastronomy. [Caterer Search]