Mobile Shake Shack Coming to Brooklyn

Maybe in Manhattan they line up for hamburgers…
Maybe in Manhattan they line up for hamburgers… Photo: Shanna Ravindra

It’s been a bad burger year for Brooklyn, what with Schnäck shuttering, Queens winning the Burger Battle of the Boroughs, and so forth — but it just got a lot better. The Daily News says a mobile Shake Shack is coming to downtown Brooklyn. “The Brooklyn truck could set up shop in the MetroTech plaza for lunch by the end of the summer. The truck is expected to hit other spots on weekends and at night,” the News reports. Borough President Marty Markowitz, as can be imagined, was beside himself with joy. “As borough president, since it’s my sworn duty to ensure quality food in Brooklyn, I would be happy to offer my services and those of my staff as daily food tasters,” he tells the paper. It isn’t just good news for Brooklyn, either — if the truck comes into being and is a success, why would Danny Meyer stop with one mobile Shake Shack? Could we see a future where every neighborhood had its own bewheeled burger and custard station? A new era in New York burgerdom could be dawning!

Shake Shack to Shake Up Brooklyn [NYDN]
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