Milk and Honey’s Matty Gee Cocktail-ifies the Randolph

When Hari Kalyan bought the old M Bar, he knew he eventually wanted to make it a cocktail speakeasy. Now he has brought on Milk and Honey and East Side Company bartender Matty Gee to implement his mentor Sasha Petraske’s cocktail regimen, with a couple of twists: The menu will feature Gee’s own signature cocktails (plus drinks designed by friends of the family), and, in addition to using hand-cracked and Kold-Draft ice, he’s freezing his booze and glassware for the coldest sip possible. Designer Jay Beard, said to have also worked on Kingswood and Freemans, has installed the requisite pressed-tin ceiling. That said, the owners don’t want this place to be too precious.

The Randolph, 349 Broome St., nr. Elizabeth St.; 212-274-0667 or