Michael Psilakis and His Octopus Make Their ‘Nightline’ Debut Together

It's all Greek to Michael Psilakis.
It’s all Greek to Michael Psilakis. Photo: abcnews.com

Nightline has shown a strong culinary bent lately, what with its “Platelist” chef features and a Grub Street–powered feature on calorie posting that ran last week. Last night’s big segment on Michael Psilakis, the chef’s first major national-TV profile, featured demonstrations of two of the best, and flashiest, dishes from Anthos: the smoked octopus with fennel and fennel purée, a knockout in purple and green; and the visually overpowering psarokorizo, a kind of lobster, crab, and uni risotto, made with caviar and lobster stock. Psilakis talks about his Greek background, and how much of his work is a mission handed to him by his family, with an intensity you don’t often see in chefs. But the octopus really steals the show. After all, how can any man compete with an octopus?

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