Manipulated Milk Prices?; Americans Still Throwing Food Away

• Dairy Farmers of America, which controls a third of the nation’s milk supply, is being investigated by the Feds for allegedly manipulating milk and cheese prices. [WSJ]

• Mystery writer Alafair Burke is going to have a fictional Mesa Grill bartender strangled in her next novel. [NYP]

• As food prices skyrocket and corners of the globe starve, Americans are throwing away an astonishing 27 percent of food available for consumption, according to a new government study. [NYT]

• CEO Howard Schultz studies a Seattle cheese shop for inspiration on how to fix Starbucks. [WSJ]

• Kid Rock showed up at Wildwood Barbeque on Thursday night. [Down by the Hipster]

• Vittles Vamp goes on a tour of Brooklyn’s Chinatown, camera in hand. [Vittles Vamp]