Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm Wins World Sommelier Contest

Aldo Sohm had his eyes on the prize for a year.Photo courtesy Le BernardinAldo Sohm, the good-natured wine director at Le Bernardin, is the best sommelier in the world. Last year, Sohm bested all his American rivals, but faltered in the international competition. The contest, which was held in Rome, involved a wine-recognition test, a flawed wine list needing correcting, table service, and a food-and-wine pairing. This year, he bested rivals from thirteen other nations to be named “Best Sommelier in the World.”

Update: The Ripper chimes in on Sohn’s win: “Of course this is a very big deal for Aldo and Le Bernardin,” says the Le Bernardin’s chef. “What is truly impressive and makes Aldo even more of a champion is that he accomplished this enormous task while working full time as our wine director, never taking off one day to study or prepare.”

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