Laughable Cold War Film Actually Predicts 21st-Century Cooking Technology

What wonders will the 21st century bring?
What wonders will the 21st century bring? Photo: I09

Cold War futurism is always good for a laugh and a cheap ego boost, and so we recommend to you this fantastic Czech Kitchen of the Future video from 1957, posted on science fiction blog I09. It’s Czech subtitles, if nothing else, are hilarious (“TV shopping is quick and principally easy”) but our rapture of self-congratulation was broken, when we saw that one of the predictions had actually just come true: The induction cooking done about halfway through the video. It took a while, and there are still no infrared ray domes to cook your chicken in, but you have to give the seers of 1957 a little bit of credit.

A Czech Vision of the 21st Century, from 1957 [io9]