Jimmy's to Open Tonight; Employees Only Plans to Reopen Tomorrow

jimmy's and employees only

Employess Only, left, and Jimmy's, right, are both fighting the good fight.Photo: Kate Attardo, Shanna Ravindra

The city has been on a rampage of late, closing down businesses right and left for various building-code violations. Happily, most of those closures are temporary. Jimmy Carbone, the titular owner of Jimmys No. 43, says that his two-and-a-half-week nightmare is over: Were opening tonight. Everything is squared away: We have the letter from the city, and we did everything we needed to. Meanwhile, across town, Employees Only partner Jay Kosmas assures us that his place, closed yesterday by the Department of Buildings, will reopen tomorrow night: There were issues they had that have been completely resolved. We just need to speak to a judge. Its no problem; well be open by tomorrow. We hope so: Those judges have a way of making you sit there reading magazines until theyre ready for you. Just ask Jimmy Carbone. He thought he would be closed only a couple of days, too.