Jimmy’s in Bout With the Buildings Department

It’s been a rough week for Jimmy’s; customers crowded the East Village gastropub on Monday for a bacon, beer, and cheese festival when a fire marshal chased everybody out. (We were present, pontificating about bacon, but weren’t given any explanation for what the problem was.) Jimmy’s has been dark since then. As an Eater post today points out, a sign on the door indicates that the restaurant will open on Tuesday, May 20. But Jimmy says it might be as late as Wednesday, depending on the whims of the city’s Buildings Department. “We were vacated because the landlord had not maintained a basement-side alley exit; there wasn’t a clear way out for either us or the other tenants,” he explains. The alley’s been cleared out in anticipation of a hearing on Tuesday. We hope Jimmy reopens soon; we’d hate to see his secret chef cooking in a real kitchen at this point.

Jimmy’s No. 43 Update: Reopening Tuesday [Eater]
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