Is Waverly Inn’s Back Entrance for the VIP or the VIPuh-Lease?

Right this way, Mr. Michaels.
Right this way, Mr. Michaels. Photo: Google Maps

We’ve never noticed it, but it seems the Waverly Inn has a back entrance, off of Waverly Place. Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine’s limo driver used it to mess with photographers! So is the back entrance a means of shuttling in A-listers, or is it actually a way to get D-listers in without people saying, “Wait a minute, I thought Graydon Carter said he didn’t want people like Simon Cowell in there?” This comment on a VH1 blog, from back in March, might be an indicator: “My friend is a manager at the Waverly Inn.… Bret [Michaels] and Daisy [the human blow-up doll from Rock of Love] came through the back entrance and ate lunch at a private booth.” Classy.

Adam at the Waverly Inn [Maroon 5 blog]