Is This Serge Becker’s New Restaurant?

This is going to be good.
This is going to be good. Photo: Daniel Maurer

A source close to D.J. duo A Touch of Class says that Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen, both Zurich natives, are collaborating with Serge Becker on what will be a Swiss restaurant in the space at 212 Lafayette Street. The building formerly housed Eastanah, the Malaysian restaurant adjacent to Becker’s cash cow La Esquina (Becker, of course, also has a hand in 205 and the Box, nearby). We have yet to receive confirmation from Becker’s rep, and, by the looks of their Website, Stumm and Clausen are currently gigging (and researching?) in Switzerland, but when we cruised by the construction site earlier today, a bar was under construction. The SLA’s site says only that one 212 Lafayette LLC applied for a liquor license in March and it’s currently pending. Becker is also of Swiss heritage, so if anyone will know how to pull off this unique concept (or any concept!), it’s him. Stay tuned for more.