Guest of a Guest Outs Herself to Steve Lewis

A while back, Down by the Hipster outed Holly Golightly the anonymous editor of the Midwesterner-in-Manhattan blog Guest of a Guest as a Purdue grad who majored in engineering. That was an April Fools joke (DBTH told us hed never give up her identity), but now Steve Lewis outs her for reals. Actually, we dont discover much about her other than shes really friendly with Uncle Steve. For what its worth, Omaha native Rachelle Hruska started working in finance when she came to New York three years ago, loves club kids, and says she knows tons of people that are more interesting than Lindsay Lohan that live right in our city and no one knows about. Why are we not spending more time on them, and learning about them and helping their causes? Like, um, Kate Moss!

Rachelle Hruska Is Guest of a Guest (and Now Our Guest) [Goodnight Mr. Lewis]
Guest of a Guest