Good Humor Man of Old Returns, Bringing … Good Humor

the good humor man

Your eyes don't deceive you. He's really here.Photo: Ed Levine Eats

The Dessert Truck has been roundly celebrated, and no doubt other, even more sophisticated dessert trucks are being built and outfitted with more complex, artfully composed desserts. But how can they compete with the vehicle that pulled up at the Museum of Modern Art the other day? When the original Good Humor man rolls up in his custom Ford pickup — bells jangling, coin dispenser on his hip — who can resist? Serious Eats has a tribute to this time-traveling, creamsicle-carrying ice-cream man, who seems to have appeared out of nowhere with all the force of a long-forgotten memory coming to light. Or not. The driver, identified only as Jay, and the truck's unidentified owner have taken it upon themselves to salvage mid-century ice-cream trucks and refit them for the present day. More are on the way, reports Adam Kuban. Look for them in Manhattan this summer.

Sugar Rush: The Retro Ice Cream Man Cometh [Ed Levine Eats]
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