Wylie Dufresne Creates a New Hot Dog for PDT

A Picknick in the park.
A Picknick in the park.

In the magazine this week, the Underground Gourmet bestows three stars on the New French and Gael Greene has early intel on Benoit. As the weather warms, so do the grills at outdoor restaurants — Rob and Robin compiled a list of favorites. Gramercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony shares his recipe for green-garlic sauce in this week’s “In Season,” and chef Wylie Dufresne creates a new hot dog for PDT. In “Openings” this week, Rob and Robin bring news of BarFry’s replacement, Cabrito, and welcome Abigail Café and Wine Bar to Prospect Heights. Finally, can a farmed bluefin tuna save the planet? Only the Robs know for sure.

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