Genius! Alex Raij of Tía Pol Throws a Sandwich Potluck

Loony for uni.
Loony for uni. Photo: Melissa Hom

Last week’s episode of 30 Rock revolved around “Sandwich Day,” “the most wonderful day of all,” wherein the Teamsters brought back Italian sandwiches with dipping sauce from a secret place in Brooklyn, causing mass sandwichmonium. As sandwich lovers, we were eating this stuff up like it was an uni panini. Which is exactly why we’re envious to discover, via the Jimmy’s No. 43 blog, that we weren’t one of the lucky twelve people invited to Alex Raij of Tía Pol’s sandwich potluck, especially since there’s a chance Jimmy Carbone will serve his place’s grilled ricotta-and-Nutella sammy. Alex? Please? Not even if we bring 42,000 calories of fried peanut butter and bananas? Maybe we’re not being imaginative enough here: What, dear readers, would you bring?

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