Gael Greene’s Craigslist Date Keeps Getting Shadier

Photo: Patrick McMullan

It ‘s been a rare mix of bad luck for Gael Greene. First, our Insatiable Critic is misled by her Craigslist date into thinking that she has a legit reservation at Ko; then she gets read the riot act at the end of the meal by the famously prickly David Chang (“If the confusion was our fault, please accept our apologies. If you tried to sneak your way into Ko, we don’t want your money”). And then, not realizing that the tiny restaurant is essentially an Eater satellite office, she has to sit and watch as the whole thing is broadcast to the world. Now it turns out that the Craigslist guy was lying to her about having turned down Frank Bruni, too, clearly in an attempt to fluff the ego. The critic writes us to say, “I’m not doubting that weird guy told Gael what he told her, but he didn’t turn me/us down. That’s so not true! I have e-mails to prove it.” Welcome to the world of Craigslist dating, Gael. It’s even worse than you thought.

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