Gael Greene Goes on a Craigslist Date at Ko, Stirs Controversy

Photo: Patrick McMullan

The guy who posted a Craiglist ad asking for someone to pay for his dinner at Momofuku Ko actually got some takers — and some high-profile ones, at that. He told our own Gael Greene, his ultimate choice, that he turned down Frank Bruni for her (Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, and Elvis certainly would’ve done the same.) In a post, Gael says she’ll tell us about the “shocking farewell” she received from David Chang in a follow-up, but, in the meantime, Eater offers juicy speculation.

Eater wonders whether the Craigslister, real-estate-investment expert Tom Dobrowski, actually canceled his resy and then (upon hearing from Gael) pretended he hadn’t, leading someone in-house to comp his meal and go all passive-aggro on him: “If the confusion was our fault, please accept our apologies. If you tried to sneak your way into Ko, we don’t want your money.” Oh, snap! More on this as soon as we hear from Gael.

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