Don’t Tell Adam Platt, But Fugu Is Safe Now

Without the danger … this just looks unappetizing somehow.
Without the danger … this just looks unappetizing somehow.Photo: James Wojcik

Hot on the heels of Adam Platt’s death-defying trip to Japan to eat the potentially deadly fugu (blowfish) comes a piece in the Sunday Times on the very subject. It seems that the fugu farmers have this deadly-toxin thing licked, and that, with many of today’s new and improved fugu, you couldn’t get poisoned if you tried. (Platt actually knew about the safe fugu but hadn’t come all the way to Japan to eat safe blowfish.) Of course, since fugu doesn’t taste like anything, that doesn’t give the world much reason to eat it. It’s a true paradox.

If the Fish Liver Can’t Kill, Is It Really a Delicacy? [NYT]
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