De Niro to Open Nobu Hotel; Start Stockpiling Food Today

Robert De Niro plans to open Nobu Hotel a Japanese-themed hotel-condo complex housing an outpost of the famous restaurant in the financial district. [NYP]

Gordon Ramsay was expected to stop by the launch of Alain Ducasses Benoit last night. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

In case you missed Law and Order: SVU on Tuesday night, Robin Williams played a creep who also happened to be a locavore. What are the writers implying here? [Serious Eats]

Stockpiling is back! Buy as much meat and oil as you can before the prices go even higher! [WSJ]

If youre not so concerned with prices, however, you can blow $45 to $60 a case for beverages with customized labels. [WSJ]

The Southern-Style Chicken Sandwich at McDonalds may not look as nice as Chick-fil-As, but it tastes about the same. [Serious Eats]