David Chang Muses on Vegas, Austin, and the Culinary World in General

Chang Dawg.
Chang Dawg. Photo: Big Think

Given the food world’s obsession with all things Chang-related, it’s odd that the chef’s series of Big Think video interviews, which were posted in January, haven’t already made the Internet rounds. They’re very good, both for the questions they ask (who are the greatest American chefs? Answer: Andrew Carmellini and Alex Lee) and for the way they capture Chang’s personal charisma, which doesn’t always make it through in the adoring articles written about him. He gets to weigh in on some of his favorite subjects, such as the folly of cooking school, and he even seems to be warming to the idea of a restaurant in Vegas: “We’re always stuck in these crazy, small, weird locations. To start fresh in a new building would be really amazing.” He even muses about opening something in Austin. There’s a lot of Chang here, so it might take a while to work through it, but if you’re a major fan of the guy, you shouldn’t miss it.

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