City Burger Not Feeling the Love From City Burger-Eaters

The defendant, accused of burgercide.Photo courtesy Midtown LunchDespite great raw materials and a reservoir of goodwill, City Burger has opened to a chorus of catcalls from the burger-eating public, Midtown Lunch tells us today. We’re not surprised: Despite their use of La Frieda burger meat, the proprietors’ backgrounds are in pizza. It’s no easy thing to build a great burger; just ask the legion of chains that have been buried over the years by public indifference. (Lesson one: If you have a juicy, delicious burger blend, try not cooking it until it turns into a hockey puck.) The final word, both literally and figuratively, is given by a Midtown Lunch commenter: “When I went, they could not even figure out how to cook a medium-rare burger for the ONLY customer in the restaurant. I dunno about you, but that’s just uncool.”

Apparently It’s Not LaFrieda’s, It’s What You Do With It [Midtown Lunch]
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