Chef Groupies Await Their Backstage Passes


From left, Johhny Iuzzini, Sam Mason, Sam TalbotPhotos: Patrick McMullan, Melissa Hom, Getty Images

They're sweaty, profane, covered with tattoos, and totally unavailable on both days and nights what woman can resist that, right? Yes, chefs are the ultimate sex objects for a certain sort of girl, as a piece in this week's Time Out New York points out. But you knew that already, didn't you? Between our ongoing man-crush on Sam Mason to our outright mockery of Johnny Zs, we're helping feed the groupie phenomenon. (Even Alex Day, of Death & Co., told us, "I was almost a groupie of the bartenders" at the bar once.) Not everyone in the article buys it, however. Anne Burrell, who has fended off a few late-night Lotharios herself, finds the whole idea ridiculous: Im usually so focused on what Im doing that I cant imagine someone coming up while Im expediting and asking if I want to go on a date. Id probably just laugh.

Go for Toques [TONY]
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