Chef Groupies Await Their Backstage Passes

From left, Johhny Iuzzini, Sam Mason, Sam TalbotPhotos: Patrick McMullan, Melissa Hom, Getty Images

They’re sweaty, profane, covered with tattoos, and totally unavailable on both days and nights — what woman can resist that, right? Yes, chefs are the ultimate sex objects for a certain sort of girl, as a piece in this week’s Time Out New York points out. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Between our ongoing man-crush on Sam Mason to our outright mockery of Johnny Zs, we’re helping feed the groupie phenomenon. (Even Alex Day, of Death & Co., told us, "I was almost a groupie of the bartenders" at the bar once.) Not everyone in the article buys it, however. Anne Burrell, who has fended off a few late-night Lotharios herself, finds the whole idea ridiculous: “I’m usually so focused on what I’m doing that I can’t imagine someone coming up while I’m expediting and asking if I want to go on a date. I’d probably just laugh.”

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