Cabrito Opens Friday With Refined-Meathead Menu

Expect it to be more crowded Friday night.
Expect it to be more crowded Friday night. Photo: Melissa Hom

As Rob and Robin said in the magazine this week, Cabrito officially opens on Friday, possibly setting some kind of record for how quickly a failed business can relaunch itself under a completely different heading. We have the first image of the new incarnation and approve of the transformation: A casual Tex-Mex concept has a better chance of success in New York than tempura. The menu at Cabrito should titillate some foodies and refined meatheads, as well: As the Robs described in appetizing detail, there will be cemitas, or Pueblan sandwiches, provisionally made with chorizo or chile-marinated pork; huaraches; the titular slow-roasted cabrito (baby goat); braised chile beef ribs; and the like. But you’ll also find fish tacos, pickled mackerel in vinegar sauce, seared hamachi, and other options. We might just open a bar tab, order some frijoles puercos (refried beans with bacon lardons and house-made chorizo), and settle in for the long haul.

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