Bun Goes 24/7, Gives Away Free Late-Night Dinners

It beats a slice.
It beats a slice. Photo: F. Martin Ramin

Forget falafels and scoops of fro-yo — Bun is unleashing a free-for-all that is so friggin’ generous it may well put them out of business. On the nights of May 29 through 31, when the restaurant goes 24/7, customers will dine for free if they make a reservation at the Website for between the hours of midnight and noon. And that doesn’t mean one lousy shrimp roll — it means anything off the menu (which will stay more or less the same), and as many dishes as you’d like, not including booze. Bun is currently hiring for the graveyard shift, but know this before you apply: It’s also integrating a “Server Rating” feature into its Website, so be prepared to grin and bear it when drunken post-karaoking teens mangle the pronunciation of “pho” at 6 a.m.

RSVP [Bun Soho]