Broome Street Bar Burger Rules; the Hottest Potential in the Hamptons

Astoria: The Bohemian Hall beer garden is hiring. [Joey in Astoria]
East Village: An Eater commenter on Indian-owned Singas pizza: “Singas make pizza like my mom would…. If my mom was a Korean who had never tasted pizza before in her life.” [Slice]
Hamptons: If you’re heading to a beach where you can drink in public this weekend, you might consider ordering Steady Sticks to secure your wine glasses (and the bottle) upright and above the sand. [Restaurant Girl]
And even though it’s in Montauk, the Surf Lodge could be the dark-horse hot spot of the summer. [Down by the Hipster]
Meatpacking District: The closing of Florent’s has touched even the coldest of hearts: “You know things are getting bad…when the cynical young keyboard-tappers at Gawker think the City is changing too fast and losing too many of its great places.” [Lost City]
Soho: Adam Kuban verifies that even though Kenn’s Broome Street Bar burger is on a pita, flouting the most basic of hamburger rules, it can be dubbed a burger, and the version with bacon is a pretty good option in the hood. [Hamburger Today]
Times Square: The rechristened China Club, Eden, opens tonight. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
West Village: Interns (probably) weren’t paid to put the “Britney Spears” stickers on the windows of the Life Thyme natural market (and all over the rest of the city) to promote a book that isn’t about Britney. [Gothamist]