Bronx Does Pizza and Burgers Better, According to ‘Post’

The Bronx: home of New York's best pizza and burger?
The Bronx: home of New York’s best pizza and burger? Photo: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Inspired by next week’s Burger Battle of the Boroughs, the Post decided to ask itself why the battle should be limited to hamburgers. The result is a massive spread that includes some unexpected winners. Would you have thought that the best black-and-white cookie in town would be from Staten Island? Queens, home of the Astoria, Neptune, and Bel-Aire diners, was the obvious winner in that category. The most surprising winner in the article was the Bronx, though, which not only carried the pizza and burger honors, but which the Post favors to win next week’s Burger Battle of the Boroughs, a massive citywide burger contest and tasting event. How is the Bronx suddenly such a food mecca? The best pizza and the best burger? Somebody better find out what neighborhood writer Carla Spartos comes from. This is suspicious.

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