Beatrice’s Terrace Opens in Atlantic City July 25; L.A. and Vegas May Be Next

It’s no secret that Beatrice Inn, Employees Only, and Smith and Mills owner Matt Abramcyk is poised to open a lounge on the fifth floor of the Chelsea in Atlantic City (we’ve just heard it will be called the Terrace and will officially open the weekend of July 25, after the hotel’s opening party a week prior — and there are sure to be friends-and-family festivities before then), but according to a long overdue profile in the Observer, that’s not the only thing he’s working on.

In addition to a potential boîte in the basement of the Puck Building that we broke news of, he may have a hand in redesigning Vegas’ Stratosphere hotel. Perhaps more exciting are rumors of a project in L.A.: If it happens, we suspect a certain subset of fashionistas will come to know the “flyover” as the land between that club and the Beatrice. For the record, Abramcyk has denied to us rumors floated by Radar (and also denied by Keith McNally) that McNally is looking to buy the Beatrice’s building.

Baron of Beatrice Inn Branches Out [NYO]