Andrew Carmellini Can Cook Anything; Wait and See

Big Think posted a video interview of Andrew Carmellini today, but we suspect it was shot a few weeks ago. A.C. has been silent since the A Voce crisis hit, but he’s seen here speaking off-the-cuff on what he might be doing in five years. He’s so utterly liberated in his confidence that he can cook anything, whether Mexican moles, barbecue, fried chicken, or whatever he chooses. He’s said similar things to us in the past, and not many chefs enjoy such self-assurance. It makes us sad to think that A Voce will soon be decapitated, if everything we hear is true. But this video reminds us that whatever A.C. chooses to do next he’ll likely do well.

Andrew Carmellini’s Next Project: BBQ or Mexican? [Big Think, via Eater]

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